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Get to Know Dr Green

The Genesis

Seeds of Excellence: The Founding Vision of Dr Green!

Born from a vision of excellence in Bangkok’s dynamic heart, Dr Green Thailand emerged with the legalization of medical cannabis. Our founders, passionate about quality, integrity, and education, set out to redefine the cannabis experience.

Dr Green embodies these core values, offering unparalleled quality, expertly curated strains, and a commitment to educating our community. This genesis marks not just the birth of a dispensary, but the dawn of a new era in sophisticated, informed cannabis culture in Thailand.

The Genesis at Dr Green

Our Core Values


Uncompromising excellence in every strain, ensuring purity, potency, and a superior sensory experience.


Upholding ethical standards, transparency, and honesty in every aspect of our cannabis journey.


Empowering customers through knowledge, fostering informed choices and a deeper savvy of cannabis.

Embracing Changes

Turning Tides: Leading the Way in Thailand’s Cannabis Revolution!

As Thailand welcomed medical cannabis legalization in 2022, Dr Green seized this transformative moment. We adapted swiftly, aligning our vision with the new legal landscape. This pivotal change allowed us to introduce Bangkok to a premium cannabis dispensary experience, blending traditional wisdom with modern innovation.

Our response to this legal shift wasn’t just about compliance; it was about leading the charge in responsible, enlightened cannabis use, setting a new benchmark for dispensaries in a rapidly evolving industry.

Embracing Changes at dr green

Our Dispensaries


93, Asok Montri Road, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

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Udom Suk

110, Udom Suk Road, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

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Setting the Standard

Crafting Excellence: Merging Medical Expertise with Local Charm at Dr Green!

Dr Green’s commitment to excellence extends to our own cannabis farms in Thailand, where we cultivate exclusive, premium-quality strains. This direct control from farm to dispensary ensures each product meets our stringent quality criteria.

With branches in Asok and Udom Suk, we’re ideally positioned to serve both locals and tourists. These dispensaries blend medical professionalism with local store warmth, creating an unmatched retail experience. Every detail, from ambiance to our unique strains, sets a new industry standard.

Setting the Standard at dr green

Community & Education

Dr Green is dedicated to enlightening our community. Education is key, whether you’re a curious novice or a seasoned connoisseur. We offer tailored resources to ensure everyone enjoys informed and safe cannabis experiences.

For Novices

Dr Green’s novice-friendly approach includes introductory workshops on cannabis strains and consumption methods. Our personalized guidance ensures safe, enjoyable first experiences. Novices also receive easy-to-understand resources about cannabis types, effects, legalities, ensuring a well-informed start.

For Connoisseurs

Connoisseurs at Dr Green enjoy advanced workshops delving into strain genetics and cultivation. We offer in-depth, tailored advice on complex cannabis aspects and provide exclusive resources on rare strains and innovative consumption methods, catering to experienced users’ sophisticated interests.

Looking Ahead

Vision for Tomorrow: Charting Dr Green’s Future Path!

Dr Green envisions a future where innovation, community, and excellence converge. We’re committed to pioneering advancements in cannabis, continuously exploring new strains and technologies. Our focus extends beyond our dispensaries; we aim to deepen community ties through engagement and education.

As the cannabis landscape evolves, so will our practices, ensuring we always uphold the highest standards. This path forward is about collective growth, adapting to new horizons, and consistently raising the bar in the cannabis industry.

Looking Ahead at dr green