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Pop at Dr Green Asok

pop budtender

Meet Pop

First name: Supapansa Saiong

Nickname at Dr Green: Pop

What I Love About Working at Dr Green: My interest in cannabis began as a personal journey, seeking relief from mental health challenges on the advice of my psychologist. This path led me to discover the world of cannabis and its benefits.

My entry into budtending was serendipitous – my Instagram posts about cannabis caught the attention of several dispensaries, including Dr Green. When I saw Dr Green’s call for budtenders, I saw it as a new challenge and an opportunity to grow. My application was successful, marking the start of an exciting chapter in my life.

More About Pop

Favorite Strain and Why

I’m generally inclined towards Sativa strains for their uplifting effects, but Candy Land holds a special place for me. Its amazing qualities perfectly align with my preferences, offering a delightful experience.

Expertise Area

I’m still exploring and expanding my expertise in the vast world of cannabis, continually learning and growing in this field.

Fun Fact

I’m always full of surprises and love to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Best Cannabis Tip

For beginners, I recommend starting with milder strains. Jumping into strong varieties too soon can lead to an overwhelming experience. It’s all about enjoying the journey.

Hobbies & Interests Outside Work

I’m passionate about gardening, immersing myself in music, and expressing my individuality through tattoos.

Favorite Thing to Do in Bangkok

I love exploring the cultural richness of Bangkok – from the grandeur of the Grand Palace and temples to the excitement of Thai boxing. I also enjoy hunting for vintage clothing and indulging in the city’s diverse street food.

A Quote That Inspires Me

“Live with hope, love, and share” – a mantra that guides me through life.

If I Were a Cannabis Strain, I’d Be…

Jack Herer – embodying a blend of humor and class, much like my personality.

Most Memorable Customer Experience

A customer, struggling with mental health issues and the loss of her family, shared her story with me. We connected on a deep emotional level, and I offered her a hug to show my understanding and support. It was a profoundly moving experience.

My Dream Cannabis-Infused Meal

Tom Yum Kung with Amnesia – a fusion of classic Thai flavors with a cannabis twist.

My Go-To Song for a Chill Session

My musical taste varies from Metal to Punk and Jazz, offering a rich soundtrack to my relaxation sessions.

If I Could Have a Superpower, It Would Be…

The strength of Popeye – I love spinach for its health benefits, and like him, I enjoy the uplifting effects of cannabis.

The Best Piece of Advice I’ve Ever Received

“Sativa can transform into the effects of Indica if consumed in large quantities” – a fascinating insight into the versatility of cannabis strains.