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Mac at Dr Green Udom Suk

Meet Mac

First name: Kitsada Gamgla

Nickname at Dr Green: Mac

What I Love About Working at Dr Green: I greatly enjoy working at Dr Green. It’s my first job in the service industry, where I get to interact with customers, especially those from different countries. This was a new experience for me, but the owners of Dr Green have always been very welcoming and caring. Despite this being my first job and making some mistakes, the owners taught me and allowed me to continue working. I am deeply grateful and committed to giving my best to the job I love.

I am always grateful to the owners for giving me the opportunity to work, despite my lack of prior work experience or skills. My whole life, I’ve been involved in unorthodox jobs since I was young. So, I feel a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness. Working at Dr Green since 2023 has been a significant period of growth for me. It could be said that 2023 was one of the years I discovered myself the most. I want to thank everyone at Dr Green for teaching me and being an excellent team.

More About Mac

Favorite Strain and Why

My favorite cannabis strains are Sativa and Hybrid because I use cannabis to focus on reading, writing novels, and listening to podcasts. Sativa enhances my hobbies, making them more enjoyable and fueling endless imagination.

Expertise Area

I am beginning to further my English language studies to enhance communication in selling cannabis at Dr Green. Additionally, I am continuing to research the trends of cannabis for 2024 to stimulate sales as well.

Fun Fact

My appearance might give the impression of a tough person, but in reality, I’m super shy. When meeting someone for the first time, I often feel quite nervous.

Best Cannabis Tip

Especially if you’re new to cannabis, it’s important to start with a low dose and go slow. This means beginning with a small amount and waiting to see how it affects you before considering more. Different strains and forms of cannabis can have varying levels of potency, so this approach helps you understand how your body reacts and can prevent overconsumption.

Remember, it’s always easier to add more later than to deal with the discomfort of too much. Always consume responsibly and in a safe environment.

Hobbies & Interests Outside Work

I am very fond of reading, especially books on liberalism, populism, communism, and religion. The book that currently intrigues me the most is The Spirit of Law by Montesquieu.

Although it’s over 200 years old, this book is filled with concepts of governance where every class has equal power, regardless of being nobility or royalty. Additionally, I have a keen interest in art. Every year, I visit the Art Centre at Silpakorn University, as they organize exhibitions annually.

Favorite Thing to Do in Bangkok

Apart from my annual visits to the art gallery, Bangkok isn’t really a favorite place for me, even though I was born there. I dislike the rush of city life, and Bangkok is indeed a city bustling with haste. However, I also love Bangkok for its unique charm.

A Quote That Inspires Me

“ขอฝันใฝ่ในฝันอันเหลือเชื่อ” translates to “Allow me to dream the incredible dream.”

This phrase evokes a sense of longing and aspiration, suggesting a desire to dream beyond the ordinary, embracing the extraordinary and the unbelievable. It speaks to the human inclination to yearn for something far-reaching and marvelous, something that transcends the bounds of everyday reality.

If I Were a Cannabis Strain, I’d Be…

Certainly, if I were a cannabis strain, I would be Pineapple Express. This strain not only meets my needs in terms of effects but also offers a delightful aroma when smoked, significantly contributing to aromatherapy.

Most Memorable Customer Experience

A customer I will never forget is Lin. He is Thai but grew up and studied in Taiwan. He truly epitomizes the “hippie” spirit. In Thailand, hippies are often referred to as ‘nature lovers’, characterized by their love for freedom, simple lifestyle, unpretentious attire, and indifference to luxury.

We had many profound conversations and shared experiences. I learned a lot from Lin and I believe he also gained something from me. Even though he hasn’t visited the shop for a while, I still look forward to meeting him again.

My Dream Cannabis-Infused Meal

If I had to choose a cannabis-infused meal, it would definitely be a dessert. I’d like to try Weed Popcorn, as I don’t eat much food, and so I prefer sweets to savory dishes.

My Go-To Song for a Chill Session

My favorite band is undoubtedly Oasis. But for a chill session, I’d pick Sticky Fingers, an Alternative/Indie band. My favorite song from them is Lazerhead from the album Land of Pleasure. If I had only 7 minutes left to live, I would listen to this song and pass away peacefully.

If I Could Have a Superpower, It Would Be…

It would be like the protagonist’s in the movie Jumper (2008). I desire to explore this world as much as possible, to gather experiences and search for the meaning of a human life born in a capitalist world.

The Best Piece of Advice I’ve Ever Received

“Don’t be sorry, be better.” Although I often apologize first if I feel responsible for something, I strive to improve myself every day, always aiming to be better than yesterday.