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Donnie at Dr Green Udom Suk

Meet Donnie

First name: Donruedee Kalapakdee

Nickname at Dr Green: Don

What I Love About Working at Dr Green: Working at the dispensary Dr Green is a truly enriching experience. It’s a place where I feel completely at ease, almost like a second home. The sense of family here is strong, with kind-hearted bosses who genuinely care about our well-being.

Additionally, the proximity to my home makes my daily commute a breeze, adding to the overall comfort of my job. The opportunity to interact with diverse customers has greatly enhanced my communication skills, particularly in English, making every day a chance for personal and professional growth.

More About Donnie

Favorite Strain and Why

I have a special affinity for indica strains. Their calming and relaxing properties are a perfect remedy for my occasional sleep troubles. The soothing effect they have on the body is something I find incredibly beneficial for complete rest and relaxation.

Expertise Area

I’m planning to deepen my personal experience with marijuana in both smoking and edible forms by 2024. This will enhance my ability to provide more informed and experiential advice to our customers.

Fun Fact

Despite my outwardly serious demeanor, I’m known for my easy laughter and emotional depth. I often find humor in the smallest things, yet I’m equally moved by life’s poignant moments.

Best Cannabis Tip

For those new to cannabis oil, start with just 1-2 drops under the tongue. Spread it across the gums and wait 15 minutes for absorption. This method is particularly effective for brain and oral health treatments.

Hobbies & Interests Outside Work

My leisure time is regularly spent watching movies and playing with my pets. These activities provide me with a sense of peace and relaxation.

Favorite Thing to Do in Bangkok

I adore exploring Bangkok’s vibrant street food scene at night markets and floating markets. The city’s culinary diversity offers endless new flavors to discover.

A Quote That Inspires Me

“What happened that is always good” – This quote reminds me to find joy in the good moments and learn from the challenging ones. Every experience, whether positive or negative, is an opportunity for growth and resilience.

If I Were a Cannabis Strain, I’d Be…

So Mango – Its unique aroma brings back fond memories of my childhood, offering a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Most Memorable Customer Experience

I remember this foreign women who needed to use cannabis to relax. She would rather not smoke, so, I recommended her some cannabis tea. She bought it and used it. And thereafter, she came back to thank me for the advice, and buy again. She said it was effective, it helped her to relax and sleep better.

My Dream Cannabis-Infused Meal

A cannabis-infused version of a classic Thai dish like Papaya Salad. I think it’s a unique and wonderful dish.

My Go-To Song for a Chill Session

My favorite genre of music, R&B, whenever it’s on is soothing and energizing, and I listen to it whenever I travel.

If I Could Have a Superpower, It Would Be…

The ability to be like Doraemon, with a magical gift that can help those around me in various ways.

The Best Piece of Advice I’ve Ever Received

“Don’t blow your chance”

This advice has taught me to seize important opportunities and remain open to learning new things. Life is full of once-in-a-lifetime chances, and it’s crucial to embrace them with an open mind. Every experience, whether in my personal life or at Dr Green, contributes to my journey, teaching me valuable lessons and shaping who I am. This mindset of being open to new experiences and learning from them has been instrumental in my growth, both as a budtender and as an individual.